About Our Group

Em Português – Acerca do Nosso Grupo

We are a multi-cultural group of artists, consisting of Portuguese, British, Ukrainian and French nationals.  We are located in central Portugal, in Idanha-a-Nova region, and meet regularly to learn and practise new skills. We also support each other in our artistic development and in opening our personal borders.

Individually, we all have our stories about our artistic journeys and we all have very different skills and experience to share.  As a group however, we are quite new.  Three of us, Deolinda, Irisha and Jan decided to fill a boring evening in March 2014, (while our menfolk were busy argumentatively discussing heavy topics) making little sketches of them as they argued away.  It was rather fun and the idea to form an art group sprang from that night.  Now we hold a weekly drawing group with 5 participants and another group of 5 meets weekly to art journal together. Once we have sorted out the common artists’ problem of lack of dedicated studio space, we plan many more exciting activities, including creating collaborative works of art.

We are open to new members joining our group activities. For readers in far-flung places, who cannot join us in person, we would nevertheless welcome contact with you on artistic topics.  At a future date, we would like to make use of modern technology to have connections with fellow artists across the globe.

If you like what you see and are interested in participating in the group, please send an email to artgroupdacha@gmail.com, or fill the form below: 


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