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Moved to Portugal together with my husband and a dog to live simple, nature-friendly life. I love reading, painting/drawing, playing a bit of guitar, growing my food, spending time with friends, studying Portuguese

In a drawing mood…

Like Jan I was in a drawing mood the last two days…

Maybe it is the heat and the fact that I cannot do much else when it’s so hot, or maybe (hopefully) I reached the point when I don’t have to push myself to start my daily drawing practice… Or maybe there are some drawing magnetic particles in the air…

When I saw Jan’s beautiful drawings, and how much she has done, I thought there must be something in the atmosphere. I am curious if other members are feeling the drawing mood too 😉

I decided to stick this week with the method of drawing the head from the video of Prokopenko. I must say that as everything new it feels strange. I notice that all my portraits have some sort of distortion. On the other hand the more I practice the better the result.

Today I decided to make a portrait from life. As I am the only available model here I had to pose for myself.

On the first photo you can see how much the eyes are off, and the shape of the head is completely wrong. The second portrait, which I did immediately after the first one, is better. I tried to pay attention to the eyes and to the head tilt. They improved although the shape of the head and features could still be improved more.


Exploring the New Method of Drawing the Head

Here is my first attempt to make a drawing using the method from the video of Stan Prokopenko. The drawing is not finished, it is more a sketch really. My aim was to achieve some likeness using this method. I think it’s not bad for the beginning 😉

Journaling with limited materials


the table is ready for us

the table is ready for us

Today we had a surprise…

Usually our journaling days are organized like this: we choose a subject by pulling one or two of the cards we made for this purpose. Then we start working on the subject using any of the materials we have. But this time it was different.

There on the table we found a very limited amount of materials that Jan prepared for us. She also asked us to choose a new place. The day promised to be very unusual!

So each place had a tube of paint and a tool to apply it (a brush, a sponge, a palette knife, a credit card and a roller) and no Gesso! No Gesso?! (Because we use old books for journaling we usually cover the pages with Gesso first)

Step 1. Background.

First each of us worked with one color and one tool and then we exchanged them. When all the paints and tools available were used we all had beautiful backgrounds to work on.
For me this limited choice was very good.

And usually after creating a nice background I get stuck because I don’t want to touch it anymore, I like it the way it is and don’t dare to add anything else. So since I was introduced to art journaling I have made several pages that are just backgrounds.

Step 2. Collage.

Jan brought a box full of pieces of different papers. We had to grab a handful of these for making a collage. After playing around for a while I finally got a collage on top of my background.

Then more paint went on top of it and I arrived at the point that once again I liked my page and wouldn’t want to touch it anymore. But that wasn’t the end. Now we had to create a Focal Point.

Step 3. Focal Point

This is something I always miss in my journal pages – a Focal Point. Jan proposed that we drew a face. Oh well here I feel pretty comfortable. I love drawing faces. So I stepped into my comfort zone and drew a face. Now my page started to look more like a journal page.

But we had one more step to go.

Step 4. Writing

Writing is not my thing. Usually I don’t know what to write. And even if I have an idea I think it will look silly. So I don’t write.

But now I had to do it. Jan suggested that we wrote about the process of creating our pages and about our feelings. So I started, and went on and on,.. and when I was finished the page was finished. I did it! I liked my page and I enjoyed the whole process!

Having a little choice of materials at the time and only one task at the time I was able to create my first real journal page!

Thank you Jan so much for organizing this day!