How to Draw Head – Structure

The next preparation video for Thursday’s Drawing Group.


Calling Art Group d’Acha

Let’s see which of you are receiving notifications for this blog and who is then reading it.

Here are some straight-forward questions that demand clear, open and honest answers:

  • do you care about this blog?
  • do you want this group to have internet space; potentially somewhere to market future work?
  • would you like to read posts here written in your native tongue?

You can add your replies to the comments section below or, if you prefer discuss it in the Group, at the end of your next meeting.

The reason for today’s post are two-fold; by way of giving the Journal group something to journal about, seeing as I cancelled today’s session. Secondly, to remind the Drawing group of the homework we agreed upon for Thursday;

  1. Revise the previous lesson on eyes (and prepare the next lesson, if it’s your turn).
  2. Prepare to discuss openly what you are looking for from the group and consider what role you might like to take within in. For some ideas on roles in art groups, check this out (if a Scribd screen comes up instead of the document, you should be able to close it and then proceed.) Alternatively, look at how WordPress divides it’s blogging roles here.
  3. Finally, do a bit of research about what makes a successful group and/or brainstorm the idea.

(The Journal group should also work on Points 2 & 3.)